So, I downloaded a leaked copy of the elections... *SPOILERS*



...Bush wins by 200 votes in Idaho and the resulting electoral college votes just beat out Kerry. And Kerry protests it until November 27th.

Sorry bout the spoilers guys.
ChikkenNoodul said:

Kerry's daughter, distraught at her father's loss, poses for Playboy. Its really sad, tugs at your heartstrings.
Fat Burger said:
Only November 27th? You must have an old version, mine was last updated in 2020, and the Democrats are still bitching about it.
This was the prescreener Scottish version. I had to mod my Xbox to play it, but it was worth it.
Drool-Boy said:
I dont see anything in alt.elections.2004.rigged
Where did you get it?
Drool-Boy said:
are we gonna keep hearing about hanging chads again this year?
Go find yourself a nice young clown by the name of chad. Hang him. We'll be hearing about him all year then.