Thread So have any OP, or OD wives, done a boudoir photography session


Nov 8, 2012
On the Sweet Side of the Glory Hole
Mrs. Crackcorn is chomping at the bit to do one..... Problem is, our photographer has never done any and he's not sure if he feels comfortable doing it. So my question is.....are these locations that do them kinda sketchy? I'm having a hard time with the idea of these places not sharing the photos (or usinig them for themselves if you know what i mean).
I have a camera. I'm on my way and I'm very discreet. You'll never even know the pictures are on the internet, I promise.

Hi, i am an photographer. Very good. Real cheap.

James, sounds like you have some options

honesty, though I have no idea how you ensure someone does not keep or post digital photos unless it is someone you trust implicitly

I don't think I'd do this with my wife for this reason