Tampa So, does anyone actually watch NCIS?


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Oct 29, 2004
I've never been remotely interested in this show, but one thing I see bugs me: Do these people work for the Navy or are they "contractors"? Why are they always dressed in civilian clothes? Why do they have some obnoxiously ugly goth girl on the team? Why does that show appear to be horrendously terrible yet is still on the air?
The NCIS is the same as the Air Force OSI and Army CID. It's a mix of military, contractor, and Civil Service. They all wear civilian clothes and do not share rank because they don't want the rank to get into hurting an investigation. Example being a NCIS guy who's only been in military for 4 years trying to investigate an officer who's been in for 20 years. As far as the show it's crap.
It's her chipper but goth personality that makes her awesome. She used to be a bartender before they hired her for the show.

I never said I was into goth chicks and wanted to bang the bitch. It's just a great character.
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