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Thread So does anyone actually have a problem with women serving in active combat roles?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. I don't care either way, but I don't see women clamoring to "get" to sign up for selective service.
  2. On NPR the other day, they were saying something about the selective service people having till 2014 to come to Congress with their plan.
  3. And I bet anything they'll be singing another tune if they make them eligible for the draft as well.
  4. Fine, don't stay home and have babies, but don't go fighting a country when a man should be doing it.
  5. You haven't given good reason why not.
  7. There were plenty of people just like you about women's right to vote about 100 years ago. Do you also think that's wrong?
  9. Nope, I think women have every right to vote.
    But your retarded thread is about women in combat, not about voting or womens rights. So I voiced my views on said thread. Which brings me to my 1st post here.
    Everyone here is just going to say whatever is politically correct because voicing otherwise makes someone a "freak"

    Bottom line, I don't agree with it ANNND at the end of the day I don't give a fuck, I'm not out there and this doesn't affect me in the least.
  10. Ummm, very few of us here (pronounced: none) actually give a shit enough here to be PC. I happen to believe, and would have believed 5 years ago if you asked me, that women should be able to do the exact same jobs that men do if they want. Are you okay with you just being able to do cleaning or answering phone calls in your office? Probably not.
  11. You still haven't given a reason whyyyyyyy you think its a bad idea.
  12. Because if you all shoot anything like you drive, we're going to start losing a lot of wars.
  13. Women are known to naturally have better aim than men.
  14. Ever see a porn guy miss a chicks face?

  15. They generally have less bad habits when they first learn to shoot after joining at the very least
  16. But Zaaaaaaaac this isn't about offices and all this other shit you're spewing. I am simply saying women shouldn't be in COMBAT!!! I didn't say shit about voting and other rights. You are the one saying that.
    I feel that physically and emotionally this is something a man NOT a woman should be doing.
    Stop putting words in my mouth and twisting my shit.
    You asked about combat, not all the other shit under the sun.
  17. Why would they be emotionally unable to deal with combat?
  18. Why is this daaaamn bird still chirping to meeeeee :mad:
  19. You really are a dumb bitch, aren't you?
  20. You haven't given any reason why you don't agree with it.

    More importantly: again, who are you to deny another woman?