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Thread So does anyone actually have a problem with women serving in active combat roles?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. People are probably going to die so somebody can have a chance at a star? Is it worth it? It will happen in time but what is the need to force the change right now? Stuff is building to a climax in the middle east, our world image is at an all time low, and we really need to lower military spending while still looking strong to our enemies. Is now the best time to even debate this in the military?
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    You literally have no clue what you are talking about.
    Fucking seriously. @Domon, come take over I have to separate copper from copper chloride
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    Separate the chloride and what you have left will be copper. Simples. Everyone else just uses electrolysis. dare to be different.
  4. Do you even read real news or studied history or have a concept of foreign culture? For all your bitching you have yet to give a reason why it's a good idea to put woman in combat roles. Why is it really necessary? It isn't cheaper and there is no proof it will increase the effectiveness of our combat troops. The only reason you said was for someone's chance at a promotion. Fuck that. When you replace one warrior with another less effective warrior be it due to physical ability or because you can't use them in certain social situations you weaken the fighting force. Several thousands of years of history has shown this fact. Name me one war won by an army with majority women? Why haven't they been used on more battlefields before now in combat roles? There have been several enlightened societies in history that has tried but it wasn't the most effective use of their resources. If it was other forces would have adopted it as a winning strategy. It has nothing to do with equality. Wars aren't won by giving a damn about equality. You want to use your best chance at winning in the field while leaving the right mix of people at home to rebuild or maintain your society post war. You don't want your women coming back carrying part enemy babies with them. Look at the difficulties we had leaving long term Military in Germany and Japan post WW2.

    Name me a news story in the last few decades where a middle eastern society has said send us your women to fix our problems. they don't want our men there but they sure as hell don't want our women. Some of those countries still punish women for spending any alone time with men outside of family. You can't just demand they adopt our culture because we say so. All your doing is creating more enemies.

    Be sides pointless bitching you have yet to show any evidence on why this is such a great idea.
  5. I think you base all your views on the middle east and women on saudi arabia, which no troops are occupying....
  6. why do women want to be infantry anyways
  7. Some girls like crapping in a foxhole too, ya know.
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    Where do you think the majority of the US forces has been fighting for the past 2 decades? The middle east. I just listed Saudi as one of our allies over there. Most of the other countries there don't treat women any better.

    I think women are most likely better pilots/drone pilots than men because of better dexterity and coordination. Women fighters did an awesome job for the VC in Nam in guerilla warfare. Women have done great in tons of combat roles in the past but historically just men on the battlefield has worked out for the best. One day when we have mech suits that take out the physical factor and can only be opened back at base then lets throw them into the infantry. But at this very moment there isn't a good enough pro.

    Lets say we do and major major war breaks out and we just draft them like they did men in the last WW what do you see as the long term pro of doing that? England practically lost a generation of men in the last WW. What if you lost a generation of women instead of men? Did you win the war if your population is majority made up of your enemy in a few generations?

    You get a group of guys and throw in a few women and you start dicking around with the band of brothers mentality. My best friend has told me tons of times where they've had to ban women from the barracks and being too close to the guys soldiers because of in fighting because guys are stupid around girls. Especially military guys. Plus I don't see many guys running to fly the bomber with the hairy man in a sexy pose on the nose.

    There are ton of other roles in our arm forces for women to fill. Just because they may not be the best fit for one role does anything to lessen their importance. No man will ever be able to do somethings that women do no matter how hard they try.
  9. I'll play your silly little game!

    I honestly have no clue what this has to do with ANYTHING we are discussing, but yes. I have on average an hour between classes every day I have classes (3x a week), I spend that time fucking off on the interweb, either on a forum or reading news sites.

    However, I do find it absolutely HILARIOUS that you accuse me of being out of touch with what is going on in the world when you have mentioned women getting raped a couple times as if it is a new thing (Protip: men are coming forward in RECORD NUMBERS to report that they have been raped by their squadmates while on deployment. When you consider how many females don't report rapes, applying that to men is going to be even worse)

    Why do you have such a hard time remembering my stance on the matter? I haven't mentioned it every 5 posts like you have, but I did mention it.

    I am ambivalent on the matter. I don't see it as a negative thing, but I damned sure don't see the point of it considering we are completing missions with all male troops.
    How do you figure that it isn't cheaper? Hell, women are smaller so they eat less, by that argument I can state that they will be cheaper and it will be as valid an argument as that one.
    And there never will be proof if the rules aren't changed. You can't have a point based on no facts.

    Here is a point where I have a good solid argument. The ONLY real power within the military are Generals. There has NEVER been a female in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, hell I think that Colin Powell has been the only black man as a JCS member.
    You want rape to not be a problem in the military, you get them to change the rules, are women going to be more concerned about prosecuting rapists, or men?

    Unfortunately, this point is about the same as "recycling will save the earth"
    Yes, it is a good thing, but it won't benefit anyone currently in the military above the rank of (roughly) O-4.
    No one in this thread has been advocating lessening the physical fitness requirements for women, so how can you say that women will be a "less effective warrior" in the physical sense?
    Why can't you use them in certain social situations? You claim that cultural conditions in Saudi Arabia won't allow it, but we aren't in Saudi Arabia in a combat situation.
    Do you mean Afghanistan? Go look up Women's Rights in the 'stan. Everyone in charge of the country for last century, until the Taliban, was trying to reform women's rights. Since we are fighting the Taliban, we don't really want to reinforce their belief system.

    Ahhh... so your point is thousands of thousands of years of outdated information?
    There have been several guerrilla groups that have kicked plenty of men's asses. I'll go looking for 'em later.
    However... Fucking Syria further along on this than we are. Look at what these female guards are expected to do

    It has everything to do with equality. Literally everything.
    Ah yes, rebuilding post war... That is a pretty big issue right now with an entire generation of US citizens in the Middle East...
    Oh, wait, there is something like 1% of US citizens in the entire US military, and less than half of those military members are in the Middle East?

    You seem to be stuck in WWII. Wars are not fought the same way as they used to be, the modern military is much more advanced and much smarter than they were at that point in time. In today's world, iff enough people go to war to reach WWII levels we've got much more serious issues than women on the front line

    What. The. Literal. Fuck.
    This is fucking hilarious, absolutely god damned hilarious.
    Seriously, I'm going to requote it in a larger font so more people see it.

    Seriously, how racist are you? Are we going to be putting citizens of Middle Eastern descent in internment camps as the Japanese of WWII?
    What difficulties? The part where both countries welcome our troops with open arms? My father-in-law led many a town Oktoberfest parade when he was stationed in Germany. He was literally the Grand Marshall of the parade.
    What difficulties?

    Name me a female diplomat of the 60s or 70s that we could have sent. Hell, name me a Middle East country that has asked us to fix their problems, we went in and got ready to liberate Kuwait without them asking us.
    Every host country we are in is making strides to aid all of their citizens, including the women. We aren't demanding shit
    It isn't pointless bitching, you child. You have said nothing of value in this argument, the only things you have spouted off have been misogynistic, obsolete opinions based on a worldview that is decades out of date.

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  10. I love when you reinforce shit I say.

    Bombers don't have pinup poses on them anymore. Back in the early 90s the USAF decreed that nose art be gender-neutral.
    You have an outdated world view
  11. iron produces a reaction that should strip the chloride. So does zinc. I think we used zinc back when i did it.
  12. We used Aluminum
  13. Simple answer: yes, let them serve in combat roles if they meet the same physical requirements as their male counterparts.

    Simple solution to everything else: have them in all women units, don't mix one chick in with twenty guys for a mission. this is how Israel deals with their female combat roles.

    One more thought, if women want equal rights in the military they should have to sign up for selective service too.
  14. It's our job to show them the right way, not bend to their will.
  15. Nice way of putting it.
  16. However according to the elected elite in Washington all cultures are equal.:p
  17. we should have a segregated military so women can succeed on a level playing field
  18. Women don't belong in active combat roles!!!!!!!!
  19. They can do what the fuck they want to do!!!!! WHY YOU SUPPRESS WEMMINZ, Keeks?!
  20. there are just some things men should be doing without women getting involved and complicating shit.