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So California is kinda different

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. San Francisco , specifically
    Lots of hills, and nice scenery and such.
    Lots of gay people hugging, kissing, and groping eachother right out in public (kinda like being at theacs house), and no place to park:mad:
    Actually, I had a great time there , and will have some good pics when the wife gets back with the camera.
    The only thing that bothered me about the place was A: People actually use their horns in trafffic as if its helping things. I mean like gridlocked traffic and the guy 5 cars back is whaling on his horn as if someone up front just isnt paying attentenion and needs to be woken up.
    B: All the motorcyclists ride up BETWEEN the cars in the lanes. The just blast down at 50mph to the front of the lanes at a light between the cars. Freakin psychos.
    Anyways, its good to be home:cool:
  2. Never been. Although I'm trying to transfer to a Lockheed unit there. Just for poops and gigglefarts.
  3. no pics, no care.

    Glad you're back. Did you find a good price on some chaps?

  4. no
    But I found one of them butt plugs that looks like a horse tail when its inserted, just like you asked for!
  5. I love you.
  6. Did you cave in the heads of any hippies when you were there?

  7. we didnt go by haight-ashbury so I didnt see any hippies
    The coolest thing there tho, is that you can take a boat ride out to alcatraz, and then go on the island and walk around the prison grounds. Its REALLY fuckin spooky & weird walking around the cell blocks and the rec yard.
  8. Sweet, I'm gonna have to do that one of these days.

  9. I have lots of good pics of it, but I left the camera with the wife.
    Ill post them up somewhere probably next weekend.
  10. Cool, any shots of you locked in a cell? :garglesemen:

  11. Theres one of me standing in a cell.
    It was somehow vaguely familiar :confused:
    But seriously, its crazy how fucking small the cells are
  12. Yar, I bet.

    I went to an old mental institution in Scotland that had been turned into a museum. The really old rooms were friggin' brutal, not to mention all of the trepination tools :eek:
  13. lol I know a few people here at work that could use a good trepanning
  14. I think I want to revive the practice.

    'cept I'd install beer taps in people's heads, since I'd be too lazy to cut a new hole each time
  15. just use a cork with a little chain hooked to their ear so they dont lose it
  16. Hmm, could make for a new fashion statement.

    How do I get Versace on board with this?

  17. trepan the fukr
    then itll be easy to convince him
  18. I saw this thing on Discovery about this chick that did that to herself. omfg

  19. drilling a hole in your own cranium is pretty hardcore
    I bet shes a bull-dyke
  20. bedpans? What?