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Halp So as anyone heard the real reason the Pope is retiring?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Emerging markets.
  2. he got an abortion.
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    It's Drool!
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    July 19th, why is that important?
  6. that would be the best conspiracy theory ever
  7. Yeah, they also said something about the Illuminati and anti-matter.
  8. when you mentioned cern it made me remember that I wish flashforward would have had a second season even though it started pretty lousily
  9. Probably one of the most plausible rationales behind the move I've heard yet.
  10. According to the prophecies of Malachy, Pope Benedict was supposed to be a black pope (or maybe a black pope would follow Benedict, I can't remember)
  11. Hey we'll see, less obvious things have happened.
  12. He could also be looking for immunity from prosecution to turn states evidence against the current carmelengo, if you go with the far more believable theory DJ Brenton proposed.
  13. Maybe, except he shielded paedo's for years and hasn't exactly been as remorseful as someone should be, imo. Fuck if I was in charge of an organisation and found that stuff out I'd have gone apeshit.
  14. Because he only has 100 acres to wander round otherwise he's in Italy. He can't even travel to the airport without passing through Italy.

    The report in that website is nonsense BTW. Some random group of self-elected judges have forced the Italian government to honour an arrest warrant they've created? Do me a favour. It's an offfshoot of the Freeman nutters.
  15. The suggestion was that he would go off to some unknown monastery tho. No need to leave Vatican City...