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Halp So as anyone heard the real reason the Pope is retiring?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Does that mean the last time a pope stepped down your country wasn't even a recognised formal place? Lol.
  2. Where the hell did I get 1545 then? It isn't even really a transcription error
  3. There should be a pope panel.

    An array of popes if you will.

    A redundant array of popes.

    It would be known as RAIP.

  4. Where's the I coming from? :fly:
  5. And he will now be known as Ex-Benedict.
  6. The Grizzly Bear Commonwealth would take issue with that statement.
  7. And Britain was attacking everyone and being douches. Lol.
  8. Redundant Array of Independent Popes.
  9. And we handed on that torch to you since. Lol!
  10. Pretty much, you think people in charge would've paid attention to history.
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    Interesting in that there wasn't a Britain then either. It was the English who were at war with France. It only became Great Britain when the union with Scotland took place in 1707.
  12. saw that coming before I scrolled down. :p
  13. I was blessed by the pope in 2003 (I think) @ world youth day. It was awesome.
  14. How proud you must be to have been blessed by a paedo.
  15. On world youth day!

  16. I don't listen to that nonsense.
    Until I see a video of his limp kak entering a choir boy, its not true.
  17. Even if he didn't do it himself, he has still condoned thousands of cases of other priests doing it
  18. The Catholic churches favourite holiday!

  20. Look up the word "enabler"