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so a beer distributor moved into my building

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by I.C.Water, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. and he keeps givin me free beer the only problem is he works for anheuser bush :( though he did have some anheuser bush stuff in a odd aluminum bottle that wasent bad so is this a good thing or a bad thing :confused:
  3. Well free beer IS free beer man
  4. oh fuck i just looked at the website anheuser bush owns Widmer Brothers now i love that stuff and i forgot they own redhook too mmmm this could be good :D

  5. See there?
    Now get him to send ME some beer dammit
  6. he said he would get us a free keg for halloween with a co2 system instead of a tap :D i think im gunna like him livin here
  7. see you should stop by n get drunk its a fun place :p
  8. what did everyone go to sleep or something?
  9. no Im still here for now
    Ill be goin to be soon tho
    I have to work in the damn mornin
  10. it could be worse. it could be PBR.
  11. Jesus, You drink a lot :p
  12. ya think? :p
  13. I worked for a beer distributor one summer, it was great. We got to take free beer home all the time. If it had been in the warehouse for like 5 or 7 days it was open season.
  14. I would think this would be a bad thing. All that free beer?

    Before long, we're going to have a thread with a demonstration of your new Intravenous Beer Delivery System.

    Followed shortly by a description of your liver transplant.
  15. beer distrubutor?!?! it's liek some sort of sexy drunken dream!
  16. Sounds like a good thing.
  17. does he give them to you warm, or cold? if cold, does he have like a super fridge the size of smileynev's head?
  18. Now all you need is a horny supermodel to move in next door and youll be set!
  19. Well, Michelob Honey something or other is fairly decent, it's not available in many places though...