so a beer distributor moved into my building


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Oct 13, 2004
and he keeps givin me free beer the only problem is he works for anheuser bush :( though he did have some anheuser bush stuff in a odd aluminum bottle that wasent bad so is this a good thing or a bad thing :confused:
oh fuck i just looked at the website anheuser bush owns Widmer Brothers now i love that stuff and i forgot they own redhook too mmmm this could be good :D
I worked for a beer distributor one summer, it was great. We got to take free beer home all the time. If it had been in the warehouse for like 5 or 7 days it was open season.
I would think this would be a bad thing. All that free beer?

Before long, we're going to have a thread with a demonstration of your new Intravenous Beer Delivery System.

Followed shortly by a description of your liver transplant.
does he give them to you warm, or cold? if cold, does he have like a super fridge the size of smileynev's head?