smileynev is uhh...


Oct 1, 2004
[17:41] smileynev: ever sniffed Zoe's panties?
[17:41] smileynev: Sometimes when my wife is asleep, I sniff hers.
[17:41] mattressfish: ummm, no. Well, maybe once.
[17:42] smileynev: I dunno what it is about used panties that gets me going
[17:42] mattressfish: I dunno, does your wife have a really juicy pussy?
[17:42] smileynev: They seem really juicy after her bowling league night
[17:43] mattressfish: Yuck. THey're probably smoky too
[17:43] smileynev: Oddly no, they smell kinda like bleach
[17:44] mattressfish: ...
[17:45] smileynev: what?
[17:45] mattressfish: BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
[17:45] mattressfish: I doubt that's bleach
[17:45] mattressfish: Are you sure she's bowling?
[17:46] smileynev: Hmmm, she never takes her ball or shoes...
[17:47] mattressfish: Well can you send me some of the panties, I'll pay ya for them.



[17:41] smileynev: So, Zoe IMed me the other night
[17:41] smileynev: she said she was lonely
[17:41] mattressfish: again?
[17:42] smileynev: again?
[17:42] mattressfish: Yeah, she's always talking to other chicks on the internet
[17:42] smileynev: ummm, I'm not a chick
[17:43] mattressfish: WTF?
[17:43] smileynev: Seriously, I'm a dude
[17:44] mattressfish: No way. I know the picture and all, but I thought you were a girl
[17:45] smileynev: what?
[17:45] mattressfish: yeah, I mean, seriously, you'd be a pretty lame dude with all the stories you tell
[17:45] mattressfish:You have to be a chick
[17:45] mattressfish: You're lying, right?
[17:46] smileynev: no....
[17:47] mattressfish: Oh my. Thats sad


Flaccid Member
Oct 15, 2004
Wow...I talked to you before.
[13:34] mattressfish: looks like i owe you 1000 marklar
[13:34] wr3kt: dirk gave me 1000
[13:34] wr3kt: all good
[13:34] mattressfish: hahahaha
I see that.
[13:34] wr3kt: ah
[13:35] wr3kt: pleasea massa...i be a goo' boy
[13:35] mattressfish: take off your pants
[13:36] wr3kt: hey...i've heard this line ended up with me waking up and i was no longer a man's man.
[13:39] mattressfish: so youre ready then, is that what youre getting at?
[13:39] wr3kt: if be ready i've already got the rubber band on and the lube applied, then yes
[13:35] mattressfish: can i touch your boob?
[13:46] wr3kt: you fail
[13:47] wr3kt: you get a discoutn, though
[13:47] mattressfish: is this like the theif option?
[13:47] wr3kt: $3
[13:48] mattressfish: $3 too buku
$1 is all my momma will allow me to spend
[13:49] wr3kt: you can put it on layaway
[13:49] wr3kt: 33% down now
[13:49] wr3kt: and dollar installments over the next 10 days
[13:50] mattressfish: interest is a motherfucker
[13:50] wr3kt: i'm a stingy whore
[13:52] wr3kt: i've gotta go for a bit. a customer just came in and he prefers hot wax and bannanas. it'll be a little while
[13:52] mattressfish: you whore
[14:21] wr3kt:'re making me blush