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Nov 22, 2004
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I've been researching smart home technology lately so I can help update some stuff for my parents and make things easier for them. They're getting older and their eyesight grows worse and hands don't work as good as they use to work. I want to make doing things around their home easier for when I'm not there.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions in this field? Things such as motion sensor lights. Solar powered motion lights and switches. RFID track tips for pets etc. What has worked or has not worked for you? Suggestions on places to learn more or buy equipment?
We have 2 roombas, if that really counts. I also signed up for a Lockitron, and really want a Nest. That's about it for us, but I'd love to get more into it.

edit: Lockitron is going to be fucking awesome.
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I'll have to dig around but I think some people are building some nice open source home automation stuff using Raspberry Pi as the hardware base.
I'd like eventually to have a home system where once my home wireless sees the mac address of my cell phone it turns on lights etc if it's certain times of days.
It's just a matter of time before smart house technologies get cheap enough that it is adopted by everyone. They are just starting to offer consumers the ability to turn on and off appliances from tablets/smart phones. I can control my xbox with my ipod. Our ability to interact with home products is increasing rapidly. You can do some cool stuff with a little imagination.

The next step forward is going to be cellphones that can read peoples's moods. Almost everyone has a cellphone. You use cellphones to collect data on the owner in real time and you can change your advertising techniques customized to the individual.
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