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Skank of America customers read this

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shamwow, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. got this email from someone who works for bank of america in risk management:

  2. I guess I don't get it- I normally don't write a check unless there's money in my account. :wtf: I thought that was just good common sense.
  3. Tons of people are gonna get NAILED by this. Floating checks = nono now.
  4. hahahaha
    yeah, that's me working for good ol' skank of america:p
    the training for that stuff was a bitch:p
  5. Checks are so outdated anyhow, should've done away with them a long time ago.
  6. wont a store have to be equiped to proccess a check electronically?
  7. No, nothing will change from the "customer" standpoint. It's behind the scenes that will change.

    For instance, since checks will be scanned and transmitted electronically from each federal reserve bank now, they'll reach the paying bank faster, and get run through the inclearing files faster, usually next day, if not same day.

    I can get really in depth on this if you like, I'm part of our institution's check 21 team since I work in data processing. :D
  8. we had to go through training and take a stupid test on check 21, and it in no way affects my unit here:p
  9. SURE IT DOES! Customers, mostly the older ones and the :tard: ones, will be calling you asking why their checks cleared so fast and they bounced. Check 21 isn't really publicized unless you work in the financial industry.
  10. my poop floats sometimes
  11. Well, this works the reverse way too now which is pretty sweet.

    I'm tired of waiting for other people's stuff to clear.
  12. i don't talk with customers, unless i'm giving them their money. i speak mostly with brokers and account administrators.
  13. This is going to have serious impacts on my check kiting scheme. :(
  14. ahh... you're a teller then?

    We didn't even train the tellers, we just gave them a memo and the specifics and called it a day. Our tellers are notoriously idiots and have a high turnover, so only branch supervisors got the training.
  15. you have no idea, i had to shut my operation down.

  16. I think I'll be able to keep it going, I just need to make several adjustments...

    Damn feds just keep making it harder to make a dishonest living these days. :(
  17. well, through an advanced network of swiss bank accounts and public proxies, i've managed to successfully switch my operation to EFT fraud.
  18. i'm an asset custodian. i work basically one step outside of the vault at an operations center.
  19. interesting.

    I'm a software developer and general IT person. They think I have all this free time so they pull me for all these stupid projects.
  20. Writing checks is for old people.