Thread sittin here on the deuce receptical thinkin of poopstunts

You asked for it...

One thing you need to know about me is that I am always right. Everyone here will back up this claim.

Hopefully, some people will take this thread well.

I'll start.

Former genius level intellect, now functionally retarded from multiple instances of brain damage and substance abuse, 99% of it purposefully inflicted.

Not nearly as evil as I play on TV

I can, however, read your MRI and tell you why you didn't grow girl parts.
I like old things, not necessarily old people, but old things is cool.

The current color of the bay east of MacDill makes me want to buy a fishin pole.

I love to read, but recently I have been picking up books about the impending collapse and it is starting to wig me out.

I want to ride my bicycle.
Unfortunately I dropped it off for service