Show me your port


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Oct 13, 2004
No, not that one you freak.

Tell me about DIN 3852 part 2. I require ISO 8434-1:1994 for specs but don't have access to it at the moment. Anyone have experience with BSPP threaded ports?
Coqui said:
Otra vez en ingles por favor

I am writing a CNC program for a large output housing. In all of their wisdom, the transportation division of a certain electric company feel that they need two oddball ports with British Standard Parallel Pipe threads. It may be all the rage in Limeyland, but I've never had a customer require it before. I do not have access to the ISO documents that detail the port specifications. The best I have is a drawing of the port from a company that makes the port tool I will more than likely purchase. I really don't want to take the port tool company's word on it though.
Drool-Boy said:
I just searched my companys iso stuff and got nothing on that

sweeet, someone faxed me the document. now i have 34 pages of ISO crap to wade through. :lol:
Drool-Boy said:
thats good toilet reading right there
especially if you happen to run out of toilet paper

our QA manager brought over the fax and said, 'here, you can go through this if you want. let me know if you find anything weird.'