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Should we ban fly?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. The bastard tricked me into looking at a picture last night that frightned me to the very core of my soul. I then showed said picture to several other people who agreed that the first one to bring it up should be banned.


    [] Fuck yes!
    [] Fuck no!
    [] Fuck!
    [] What the fuck?
    [] Stop saying fuck!
  2. I have to see this picture before deciding.
  3. it was the infamous nude of sweetie called talons.jpg
    if you know whats good for you , you will avoid it like the fucking plague
  5. you laugh now mistar, but Ima kidnap her and have her fedexed to your house and shell rub that nasty infected rectal-cooter thing on your face
  6. Never seen that.

    I've managed to avoid both that and bannanaphone thus far.
  7. Dude, he'll melt!
  8. Please think of the cats :(
  9. Ive avoided the bannanaphone thing too
    I wish I hadnt seen the other one tho
    My fragile little mind cant take much of that kind of thing:(
    Its gonna take at least 2 cases of shiner to warsh that img out of my mind
  10. I'm gonna send you some scotch that should do the trick.

    19yo cask strength Glenlossie, 63.5 proof
  11. yar if that dont work Ill try turpentine
  12. Can I have said pic as my avatar?
  13. The damn thing was passed to me. I had to infect others with its nastiness to help me sleep.
  14. Since when are you the little girl from The Ring?
  15. It's like the goatse of cooters.
  16. Only if you photoshop your tounge going towards it.
  17. Plz make sure you shave before taking any more pics. :nev:

  18. Are you serious? Cause I'll do it. :fly:
  19. If only she had a picture of herself with her tongue out. Geez, that will be so hard to find...
  20. Bucket of nair++