Should I go rock climbing or stay late at work?

Valve1138 said:
What is there to learn about rock climbing?

Put the harness on
Tie an L not onto the figure 8
Listen for "BELAY ON"
Climb away
you are forgetting to check your buckles, the buckles of your belayer, to yell "climbing!" then wait for the "climb on", and to tie the safety fisherman's knot at the end.
Ok, rock climbing is flipping awesome!

It is one of the few "sports" I can actually perform and not be laughed at for performing badly. Either you are good, or you die.

Not to mention the eye candy. :drool: 18 to 25 yo shirtless because it was 90F in the warehouse, all with impeccable bodies. I am definitely going back!
BeeRad said:
Always put what will make you happy first but is rock climbing now worth losing the job and not being happy later?
After my experience last night? maybe
b_sinning said:
I'd like to learn. The guys that free climb are hardcore. It looks like such a full body physical sport.
It definitely is. The people that come regularly you know because they have 5% body fat and are very lean and trim, not muscular.

There were a couple free climb (or boulder) walls to play on, too.