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Should I buy these DVD's?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Coqui, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Hellboy and Van Helsing come out today. Are they worth purchasing?

    I buy movies solely for entertainment value. I don't care about Oscar winning performances or anything like that. So if they really are entertaining, please let me know before I go out and buy them (incidentally I'm going to buy things for work there so I figure I might as well pick stuff up for me anyways)
  2. I thought hellboy was ok, but I would only buy it if it was really cheap.
    VanHelsing looks st00pid to me.
  3. hellboy was alright, vanhellsing was kinda hokey. both would be good for viewing while intoxicated.
  4. Wait until they do a "Hellboy vs Van Helsing" crossover movie.

  5. YOu always buy DVD's on opening day for the cheapest price. They'll probably be on sale for 12.99 although the Hellnoy is the directors cut so it may go for 15.99
  6. I'm saving my rupees for Gollum vs. Garfield
  7. That would be a 30 second short.

    Gollum meets Garfield
    Garfield makes a witty comment about something
    Gollum eats Garfield

  8. That's the Hellboy special edition. Supposed to be like a director's cut with extra footage. I've the first Hellboy dvd that came out in the summer. I will probably get the special edition.

  9. And Van Helsing? (Based off of what I've seen already, Hellboy is worth getting.
  10. Van Helsing is a meh. I saw it at the theater. It wasn't what it was hyped to be. There are some interesting parts in it thought. Kate Beckinsale :drool:
  11. Garfield eats truckloads of lasagna, I don't thing Gollum would take him out that easily.

    Besides, he'd distract him with Nermal or something.
  12. he'd cut a deal with gollum to eat his stupid owner jon instead
  13. I could see that.

    Or Doc Boy, no-one likes him.
  14. I like Hellboy. I saw it on a plane once. I thought it was an odd choice for the inflight movie. (But that was in the first class seats where you could pick what you wanted to watch. Very cool.)

    I bought a copy when I was in Russia, but that's the "Mexican" version.

    I'll probablly get this one.
  15. Hellboy really left me wanting more...... haven't seen VanHelsing yet, but it's got that hottie Kate Beckinsale in it, so I'd probably watch it just for that.
  16. i haven't heard of any :o
  17. :wtf: :(
  18. I live under a rock. :o
  19. It's okay. I can't really be talking. I only leave my house to go to class.
  20. get hellboy. it was better than the shit fest of van helsing.