Oct 15, 2004
So, I'm on the phone (at work) with this user, helping them get past their extreme tardness and all of the sudden I hear screaming and moaning from across the office. My head snaps around and what do I happen to see? Yep, that's right, my officemate is watching a lesbian porn video. Now, this wouldn't normally freak me out, but my officemate is a 50+ year old woman. :eek:

The user I was talking to was like "OMGWHATWASTHAT???" I told them that it was "nothing" and quickly rushed them off of the phone. :fly:
CletusJones said:
HA! HA! You're gonna get teh g(fe)male!

Ha ha, I got it, now I have to wait for my slowpoke dialup.


EDIT: I got it, since I'm not at work today I didn't have to wait until I got home. Interesting...you know, I've been thinking, maybe I should just become a lesbian :eek:

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