Sechsay pics

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Filling : :eek: Whoa, those really are nice. *Thumbs up*

EDIT dose: How much did those set you back?
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thats pretty. i collect original oil paintings of still life. mostly florals and fruit. kind of $$y, but sometimes i fall in love with something and just have to have it. i should dig up a pic of the one i got for christmas.
Pandora said:
I had a Great Aunt that owned an antique shop. When she died I inherited a few pieces from her. I've gotten a few more pieces from other family members.

I think thats how my house inherited what I think is carnival glass, a great grandmother collect a few pieces. Never knew it was something special. :heart:
[grandmashouse] They are great for putting hard candies in so that after they sit out for half a decade and no one has eaten them, they fuze into one giant mass of candy [/grandmashouse]
Well, I have a Wyland and Pitrie hanging in my study