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Feb 25, 2009
Are gay?:(

I don't agree, at least not the Zuma Ruckus and other "rugged" styled scooters. I've been driving the holy crap out of this thing around town. I even took it to work one day. It gets around 90-120mpg depending on how you drive it. My buddy had a Metropolitan, which was clearly gay:fly:

I just added a 12v outlet and a holder for my iphone.
Nope, nothin' wrong with scooters at all.

Awesome for local or inner-city transportation.

I wish we could get the ones with actual clutches and gearboxes here though :hi2u:

Automatic gearbox puts them in a better insurance class for me. I think I paid $75 for the year. I drive it between downtown and uptown. About 12 miles one way is MAX
That's pretty damn cheap.

The 50cc ones don't even require registration or insurance here, just a cheap sticker. They can even park on sidewalks, and use bicycle racks.

I was tempted to get one before I started working from home.

Yeah, Texas is going to get it's Money. Have to have an M lic, reg and insurance. You can park them on sidewalks though. Prob my fav part is I can get really good parking where ever I go. Parking is such a bitch around here. Last two weeks I've taken it to Sunday brunch, and just parked it next to the valet stand

BTW so far I've only got Insurance for it.
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Some scooters out there will do up to 70mph right into your boyfriends asshole.
my commute's slowest speed is 40mph so I can't have one of those :(

But yes super gay. Even the Honda Ruckus "hard core" scooter.