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Nov 16, 2010
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i have a little green compost bin outside my house where I put the compost (in a green fucking bag or else u get a ticket) for garbage pick up on Tues AM.
well since I was away from home for 12 days cuz of my emerg surgery out of town, i wasnt able to get the compost bin to the garbage during that week i was gone and it jussssst so happened that it was over 100 degrees pretty much every day i was gone.

so yest was the day i had to pull this shit to the curb of my complex. i didnt open it right away cuz i had a feeling it would be foul.

HOLY FAWK.. that smell that welcomed me when i flipped the lid open was something that I have never smelled before. my eyes watered and i instantly gagged. it was atrocious.
it smelled like a rotten port-a-potty and human carcass, fish and 45 dead kittens. worst part was that i threw the bin in my trunk and drove it to the curb... and when i tossed it i decided I ddint even want the container back i just left it there...
Kiko was in the car crying and gagging... he puked 5 minutes later.

AND ALLLLLLLLL DAY LONG THAT ODOR KEEPS CREEPING BACK UP MY NOSE AND SHAKES ME TO MY CORE... at the grocery store, in my bedroom, in my backyard... its everywhere :barf:


I dont know how Enema goes dumpster diving and doesnt heave all over her cornrows. its so fucking gross.

Black girl vaginas.

It's no mystery why black men are conditioned to not go down on women.
It's the smelly, 3 day old period vadges in the aisles of a store that don't leave my nostril hair for at least 3.45 hours that get me. Like, how the fuck don't you know that your period soaked diaper smells worse than a dead, bloated fish with tartar sauce?!
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road kill that's been sitting on the road too long during a hot summer day.
skunk weed. A kid in high school brought a baggy of that to class and was showing it to me. I don't see why anyone would want to smoke that. regular weed, fine, but skunk weed :barf:
patchouli. makes me almost have an asthma attack smelling it. I'm probably allergic to it.
newports and other crappy cigs.
Unsurprisingly I'm very good with smells. One thing that makes me feel quite ill is a 'cotton fresh' scented kitchen spray I have, the smell is kind of like bile. I stick to just using the lemon one these days, spray the cotton one outside on the yard tiles.
Kidney dialysis.

Periodically I need to visit the business office of the nursing home caring for my grandfather. In order to get there I have to walk past the dialysis rooms. I have no idea what creates that smell, but it's always the same, it's always terrible, and it always comes from those rooms.