Ontopic RIP Thread


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Sep 23, 2006
well, he's not dead yet but they're withdrawing care/switching to comfort care, so a preemptive RIP in peace to my friend Dan. I don't know the whole story, just that he went to the ED and ended up in the ICU and ventilated (it isn't COVID) and now there's multisystem organ failure. he's not coming back from it. they're just letting the small number of allowed family/friends say goodbyes before they extubate, and then he'll die. I'm not sad about the extubation - he isn't coming back from this and he isn't in there anymore, so prolonging his suffering would be selfish and wrong - but I'm sad that he's leaving. I don't believe in an afterlife, but I hope I'm wrong about that because I know he'd be glad to see his brother again.