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Halp ring tones

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shamwow, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. what does everyone have as a ring tone these days? I've had the price is right theme for a while but I think if I hear it one more time I'm going to choke the nearest person to me which would be highly unfortunate for them because they had nothing to do with the situation. I need something new and am looking for ideas.
  2. Mine is, and always will be, the opening riff from metallicas seek & destroy
  3. I use the intro sequence from 'Roll In Hard' by hard knox, the song they play during the big 'shoot-em-up' in the Casino from 2000 miles to Graceland. When I get email, I hear Biz Markee scream out 'OH BABY YOU, YOU GOT WHAT I NEED!'. Thats all kinds of awesome.
  4. <default bb ringtones>

    Unoriginal but don't care enough to rip mp3s to wav and cut ringtones with audacity.
  5. I use the old school "classic phone". I can't hear musical ring tones. They always blend in to the background noise.
  6. Yeah I used to the standard ringer.
  7. how loud are your office and apt? :wtf:
  8. vibrate
  9. Hello...roller coaster...
  10. right, right
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    I should be obnoxious and make it this :lol:

  12. ja has a couple i use for her:

    Sexy Love/Neyo
    Lost Without You/Robin Thicke

    i d/l a scratch ringtone for my dj buddies the other day but for some reason it's not letting me use it..

    besides that, standards tmobile joints.

    i considered all about the benjamins .. i used to use Grindin by clipse but got a new phone and now they don't offer that choice.
  13. I need a good one too, but can't come up with anything. I currently have the Lollipop song, but it's not loud enough (you know the lollipop lollipop, oh lolly lolly lolly lollipop, my kids love it).
  14. My ringtone for my wife is Paint it Black intro.

    My general ringtone at the moment is the guitar intro to Sweet child of mine by G n R.
  15. For a second there, I was totally thinking it was the 'other' lollipop song, and I was like 'omg, the sleeper has awakened'.
  16. I will join the boring club with you sir.
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    Was this until a few days ago:

    Now its this:

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    first 30 seconds of this:

  19. that song annoys me more than my current ring tone
  20. Let me guess. "She's only 17" by Winger? :lol: