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GAY Ricky Martin gay? WTF?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. I remain incredulous.
  2. fixd
  3. So this is still a question to anyone 10 years after it was first brought up?
  4. I can't beat off to his music anymore. That would be gay now.
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  5. next on deck: tom cruise
  6. I think Liberace being gay is still being debated too.
  7. Or John Travolta.
  8. You can't beat gayness with psychology.
  9. Is there a person really surprised by this? It like people that were surprised to find out Freddie Mercury was gay.
  10. He's just doing it for publicity. His new album is coming out this spring. :rolleyes:
  11. Yeah, he won't. That secret will be taken to the grave.
  12. I can see him coming out bi, or at least "playing" with guys. I mean after the shackles of scientology have been lifted.
  13. Is anyone REALLY surprised by this? I mean REALLY.
  14. it's fun to see the gay community feel shame once in a while when someone comes out. he'll change his mind for his next album and be all "just kidding, lol"
  15. Just the timing, which is unfortunate. Had he come out earlier, you know, when he was good/popular/useful it would have made a really good statement. Not only was he a huge crossover star but he could have been a crossover for mainstream to accept and embrace a Latin gay person. His timing is very suspect with an album waiting in the wings. Maybe it's an album of him reading homoerotica in Spanish :drool:
  16. Who's feeling shame?
  17. Gay people every time they click on

    Straight people every time they do the same.
  18. I would assume Perez Hilton for gays is like TMZ for straights. If you are pathetic enough to click on PH and be straight you really need to just cut yourself.

    And I can proudly say I have never gone to his site, nor TMZ. I can create enough drama in my own life without the need to worry about celebrity's.