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WTF Reputation Comment

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mortlach, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Mandee and Sky have similarities
  2. I would happily provide your sisters with disappointing sexual experiences.
  3. :fly:
  4. Yea, maybe feature wise
  5. You'd take them to see Django Unchained?
  6. not good?
  7. offensive if you're the offended to be offended righteous type. If you're not, its just a movie that uses language in context for the time period.
  8. Boring, only one of the characters is entertaining/funny. Jamie Foxx just spends the entire movie glaring at people. And it's an hour too long.
  9. plus theres way to much jamie foxx cock in it.

    it's got about 15 minutes of action split up between a whole lot of boring.
  10. Some good genes in dat famiry :drool:
  11. No shit!!!
  12. Fank yoo guys :heart:
  13. Bee-oooh-tiful pplz!
    Kinda crazy!

    Anyhoo lol @ ugly people
  14. It's funny because we have different fathers. So, I guess my mom must have somethin, lol
  15. sorry to hear that, was looking forward to that one...did you guys like the bastards movie?

  16. Yup.

    it wasn't a terrible movie, I just don't see myself watching it again.
  17. Hoplophobia
  18. oh. I thought it was fear of hobos or something.