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WTF Reputation Comment

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mortlach, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. There's a way.

    Check who last purchased a user title after yours was changed... Pretty easy to figure out.
  2. I've discovered that Liam left one or two for people while on my profile lately. :/
  3. :lol: come on that's funny!
  4. One was to Dook about you. Trying to cause shit, or something. I didn't say anything about it.
  5. Lmaooooooo that fucking Liam!!! :lol:
  6. Yea! I was looking at my reps one day after getting a notification. And I never noticed that you can see what you have LEFT for others recently! And one was to Dook about prostitution. Lmaoo. Like, I don't even know why.
  7. Lmaoooo omg now I'm a prostituteeee Hahahahahaha!! LIAM!!! :lol:
  8. Right. Just being retarded. Like talking to my sister and trying to get her to tell my most tyrannical acts when she's drunk. That bitch talks, too. She's such drunken mess.
  9. Also, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm DID YOU GET MY PM, ER WHAT??!
  10. He's a troll IRL too? Awesome
  11. Yup I did, haven't had time :(
  12. I looked but could not find the purchase records
  13. OK. :heart:
  14. Well, my sister is notorious for calling us at odd hours all drunk, asking Liam to "speak Australian" to whomever she has in tow. :lol:!

    So, I get bored and make food, shop internet, etc. And they speak.
  15. Pics of sister. STAT
  16. lol! Which one?? The 19 yr old? Or the one just younger than me?? I guess I should've added that they both do this now. Along with my cousin. Like wtf..
  17. All of em
  18. My sister Alana - a few years younger than me.


    My sister Mandee - 19
    Far right
    picture hosting
  19. Gravy
    Gravy everywhere.
  20. My word as bond, I would happily give them memories they would heavily regret later.