Remember original coke can openings?


Flaccid Member
Oct 15, 2004
Do any canned beverages have the original slim opening, or are they all that wider version?

It's been forever since I've seen one.
I kinda miss the narrowness.
I Poo On U said:
I know you require a very small hole, but youre gonna cut yourself if you try to fuck a coke can dude

Not if I use a rounded grinder and smoothe the edges. :rolleyes:

wr3kt said:
Don't they know it's not the size that counts? :(

Sadly, not everyone has learned that valuable lesson yet friend wr3kt :( I'm not going to name names or anything, but I'm pretty sure my wife knew that a long time ago.......
I remember when the widemouth became popular. I think it was Mountain Dew that started it.
BigDov said:
Mickey's WideMouths predates any of the faddish large openings we see today.......

Well let's just get techinical, Mr. Fancy HistoryofwidemouthopeningsPants.

wr3kt said:
I thought Coca-Cola was the first?
And I thought Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon. We all can be wrong sometimes ya know, champ.;)