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Apr 16, 2016
never thought I'd care about hooks in prog rock until cedric's vocal melodies got stuck in my head for weeks on end. also why I think mars volta was a better incarnation of those two than at the drive-in.

frances still hasn't completely clicked though. cassandra gemini is....a mess to me*.

*edit: the first 7 or so minutes of that are actually one of my favourite stretches of music ever put out by them. the "no there's no light in the darkness of your furthest reaches" melody might be one of their best. but then it trails off into just minutes and minutes of noodling.
Frances is probably my second favorite album of theirs, it solidifies my conception of them as a heavy jam band. IIRC that was the album where they wrote the lyrics in front of a wall of TVs (Cedric or Omar collect them?) playing all different things. Frances the Mute is a jam if you haven't heard it, once the 5min of ambient metallic noises gets over.

"Noctourniquet" is my wtf in their discography, I'll listen to it maybe every three years or so and that's more than enough. It has some moments but I just can't. If that was the direction they were headed then I'm okay with them ending it all.

I've heard them described as the "most dazzlingly cool band of the '00s" and I agree. Never cared for Drive In that much tbh.
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May 6, 2016
I've got a whole "moist beats" playlist of stuff that has that similar water-drop-like filter thing going on.
that was a huuuuuuuge sound in 2013-2014 chillhop. I'd almost say it's the defining sound of 2013 electronic music. that was around the time I got into making the same type of stuff (via alpha pup, hw&w, soulection, etc) and it's still my preferred "chill" music. fuck everything about new chill/lofi loop-bill-evans-riffs-with-fake-vinyl-noise beat scene.

this one does it perfectly. a remix of my favourite producer of the decade by one of my other favourite producers of the decade:

riley lake, pre-2015 iglooghost, analog(ue) tape dispenser, dpat, sango, ta-ku, so many great things from that era. 2013 was a golden electronic music year imo.

there are some dudes still doing it justice. harris cole is another great one.


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May 24, 2018
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And these guys , too

I'm from Michigan as they are (about 35 miles away). They do nothing for my Michigan pride. I think they are talented but their blatant poaching on the LEd Zep sound is infinitely worse imo than Robin Thicke using the same rhythm instruments that were used in Marvin Gaye's Give It Up. BTW: I think that was a blatant fucking of Pharrell and RT. Those two songs had no hooks or melody sections in common.
*Blatant is my word of the day.
** I think GVF basically sucks. Here's to hoping all their songs get logged in databases under Artist: Led Zeppelin. :fly: