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Ontopic Random (Not So) New Music Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by DJBrenton, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. These things will happen more and more.
    Did I ever tell you...wait yeah I did.
    And then the time...oh fuck it nevermind.
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  2. Get off my lawn.
    Wait, this is the internets ... Isn't it?
    Is that you Mable?
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  3. @Ledboots @adi, et al.. popped half a tab of 'Cid, popped in the earbuds, and cranked it! ROTF :D:D:lol:

    ps: this mix is fucking dynamic as fuck
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  4. :lol::D
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  5. We streamed our show live tonight on Facebook Live.
    Find the archive at the MysTics Charlotte with the capital M and T.

    I'd link it but I'm a Philistine and simply can't.
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  6. Nosir you are not.
    @Artie Chokes is mellowinman.
    Trust me life would be more interesting with him around.
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  7. mellowinman is on another level!!! :lol:
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  8. As long as he stays dressed, I agree.
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  9. And no more Pink Floyd covers.
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  10. As long as he didnt post his videos
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  11. :egads::tard:
  12. Emran Erdogan posts here now ?
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  13. Of course.
    He's secretly in love with @MacG.
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  14. Who the fuck is that?
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  18. Went to an Alice Cooper show last night
    Old guys still got it for sure

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  19. his image is timeless, imo.
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