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Ontopic Random Computer-Electronics Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Atan Nolme, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Apparently I do. I always thought they were called folders.

    How do you? I haven't seen any easily accessible way to do so.
  2. in:bundlename
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  3. i thought ruby died the horrible death it deserved.
  4. It's worked really well for my Southwest auto-checkin tool. But SW has finally started to block it, so I'd like to add a proxy.
  5. @Josh I just installed Win10 fresh. I think it was you that mentioned some extra privacy shit to turn off *all* their telemetry shit.
  6. Is the forum loading slowly for anyone else, or is this just me?
  7. OK for me
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  8. Cool thanks. It's probably my entire Dropbox folder downloading while I reinstall BF1 then.
  9. Lots of the members are slow, but the forum itself seems OK
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  10. Hitches up sometimes.
  11. So the UF server ran out of space this morning thanks to one of the addons suddenly creating a *huge* log file.

  12. This is the thread for that.
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  13. I really hate those unexpected huge logs.
  14. I keep a log file too!
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  15. A log log?
  16. Just for perspective, I'm reading an email at work right now that's bitching about logging being throttled by journald and systemd, because they "need" to log at > 100MB/min.

    Head -> desk

    JFC, nobody's gonna read that many logs, use 'em for what THEY'RE FUCKING FOR.