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Ontopic Random Computer-Electronics Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Atan Nolme, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. as ghetto as this sounds, i dont bother with putting SSDs in drive cages. I hot glue em whereever i want em in the chassis.
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  2. It's not like you have to worry about damping vibrations, I guess.
  3. Pretty sure there is a balancer for tiering, but I've never used it as I've all platters. :iono:
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  4. With DrivePool, it would always be in the same spot regardless of its underlying disk location...
  5. drivepool does hardlinks or something?
  6. Advanced File System
    • StableBit DrivePool features CoveFS, an optimized file system specifically designed for disk pooling.
    • It has a virtually unlimited pool size (many Petabytes).
    • It's compatible with existing applications*, and is designed to function like NTFS.
    • It's a 100% kernel mode implementation. No user mode service dependencies or any such hacks are involved. It works like a real file system.
    • Advanced features:
      • Alternate stream support and extended attributes.
      • Full NTFS security.
      • Full Windows disk caching support. Read-ahead and lazy writer caching supported along with memory mapped files.
      • Full oplock support. Oplocks improve network share performance by allowing a network client to cache files on their end.
      • File change notifications, for applications that watch directories for changed files.
      • Sparse files.
    • Completely parallelized:
      • Reads and writes to duplicated files happen in parallel.
      • An optimized fast directory listing algorithm queries all the disks at the same time and combines the results in memory to return the list of files and directories, in real-time, as they come in from all the disks.
    • Zero dependencies on any external metadata:
      • Plug in any pooled disk to any system running StableBit DrivePool and it is instantly visible on the pool.
      • No special RAID-like format, no "tombstones" and no SQL-lite databases are involved. Everything is just plain old files.
    • Always shows the actual free space on the pool**. No need to reserve imaginary free space that you can't use.
  7. Did you remember the Hellman's for your AMD chip, @Valve1138 ?

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  8. Dukes Mayo or GTFO.
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  11. Are you sure @Duke appreciates being milked in that way?
  12. Yes. Yes I am.
  13. Better you than me, pal.
  14. Who doesn't like being milked?
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  15. Im being milked right now!
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  16. This joke was handled poorly
    Take your time and move things around til you have a joke with some teeth
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  17. I find jokes without teeth are the best for milking purposes.
  18. @fly Have you messed around with Stablebit CloudDrive at all?

    I got a three pack of all their products for $60 and it's included. Looks interesting. I could have really important stuff synced automagically to one or more cloud storage solutions.
  19. I started to, but there was something that I didn't like about it. Can't remember what it was since it was 1+ years ago.
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  20. Trying the up and over. Every port and slot is still useable at this point.

    Now to try the drive cage.

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