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NT 6.3

I'd go with the StarTech simply because the reviews didn't mention issues with connection to USB 3.0 (doesn't matter if you don't use 3.0)
the startech would also be my choice. Thats a hugely hefty enclosure though for a single drive. Im guessing its big just to accommodate the bigass fan
Ara, here's a quick shortcut to figuring out what you're on and what SP level. start-> run -> winver
Startech. All of the cables plug into the same general area on the device, so using velcro straps or some type of sleeving would clean it up nicely.
I've purchased their stuff before for clients and it isn't bad. A bit more expensive on everything they make, but not too bad. Their support is good.
Do you google yourself often?

once in a great while when I want to see how much of my info is out there.

I've done a pretty good job of keeping myself out of the internet, it seems. Just kind of a proactive safety move more than an ego thing.

You can't even find photos of me with a GIS, which is a very good thing.