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PSA: Farscape Miniseries Starts Sunday

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mondoz, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. In case you hadn't heard, forgot, or don't read the other various sites in which this is being reported...

    It's on tomorrow night, October 17, at 8 PM CST on the SciFi channel.

    I frelling forgot, and just read about it somewhere else.
  2. i think i may tape the whole miniseries and watch it later.

  3. TiVo to the rescue!!
  4. if only i had tivo. i'll be using a vcr.

    i have no phone line, which is a requirement of tivo.

  5. Only to set it up at first.
    You can use someone else's phone line to do that.

    After that, you can wire it into your network, and it can get it's data from there.

    I've got both of mine wired into my network, and they can swap shows between them. :cool:

  6. Yes.

    What was the question again?
  7. my sister loves that show. she made me promise i wouldn't tell anyone. oops.

  8. :pics: of sister, and we won't tell anyone.
  9. i posted a pic with her in it on genmay and people said she was ugly. it hurt her feelings. lol.

  10. :(

    That sucks.

    Buncha :tard:s
  11. i never saw. :(
  12. :pics:
    I'll give her pity sex if she wants
  13. really? i did not know this. I may have to try.

  14. Yep.

    Go get a big hard drive while you're at it.
    I upgraded both of mine with 120 gb drives...

    Between those two and the HD recorder, I think I've got somewhere around 400 hours of recording capibility on 4 separate tuners.

    I have achieved TV nirvana.
  15. does a tivo take a regular hdd?

    what do you pay per month for it?
  16. Yup. Regular IDE drive. Up to 120 GB on the older ones, and up to 300 on the newer ones.

    It runs 12.95 a month, and 6.95 for each additional unit.

    Well worth every penny.

    If you're interested in doing the upgrade, I have a link to instructions and places you can get some mounting brackets designed especially for it.