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PSA; Don't let work angst disrupt your normal freaky cheerfullnes

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by wr3kt, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Godammit you office-junkies...stop bighting each others throats because you're having a bad work day. Shit...if I got pissed everytime my co-worker racked me while trying to make out with me, I'd be an angry, seething epicenter of erruption and hate. If I let every IT chode who was too busy deciding whether the dingleberry he just picked out of his crack more resembled Mandy Moore or Ron Jeremy, instead of paying attention to his job, I might have to bust a nut in everyone's coffee right after I unloaded my boweld in them. I feel for ya'lls pain, really...but don't try and rip off the forum-member's testicles because you're having a bad day.
    We're here for eachother. Don't, massage...soothe, lick if need be, godammit! This is not your other forum, we do not breed hatred...we encourage love, peace, and some puppies with a joint in their mouth singing songs of how we should hump a tree un-protected and not have to worry about getting some sort of fungus later.
  2. I'm not feeling any office angst myself, today, but rather living vicariously through the others here.
  3. :drool: humping trees
  4. But freaky cheerfulness isn't "normal" for me :(

    EDIT: "massage...soothe, lick if need be", hmmmm, sounds good to me :drool:
  5. :lol: Did I miss something?

    Fake Edit: wanna make out? :tinfoil:
  6. Work? What's that?
  7. Ill be in a better mood when I get home and can have a few beers and slip into my new squirrel costume
  8. IT IS HERE!!
    Now get with the freaky cheerfullness before I tape a cat up and tickle it with a mouse until it pees itself.

    I'll fucking do it. :mad:
  9. does poor college student school angst count?
  10. You just want to rack me.
  11. Only if you make a thread about it and proceed to bight someone's testicles who didn't ask for it. *cough*drool*cough*
  12. No, I need a lot of that massaging, soothing, and licking first...

    ...hey, get AWAY FROM MY CAT!!! :mad:
  13. Or hump your tree. :furry:
  14. Whaaaaaaaaaaat? *hides tape and mouse behind back*
    I didn't reaaaaly mean it...

    ...hey...can you look somewhere over there and ignore any noises for a few minutes...?
  15. I've got the latest fungal bark and I'm oozing some sort of greenish sap.
  16. No prob. I'm collecting them all.
  17. *tugs at whiskers*
  18. school sucks :(