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April23 said:
I really wish fly would stop hitting on me. Its like I can't even get on my computer without seeing that fucking aim window popup. "Please will you be my girlfriend. Check yes or no." and all that shit. What a fucking douche.
theacoustician said:
I wish Pandora would quit trying to sleep with me. I mean cmon, she's a nice girl and all, and I guess she's cute. But seriously, between reading my technical manuals and going out with Jeff I just don't have time for this shit.
Pandora said:
I wish my fucking "husband" would get his ass off the couch and away from the damn gamecube. Ever since Jeff left the only pleasure I can get is from the gamecube, a wired controller, and a copy of mario kart. Ohhhhhhhhh man I love those walls...:drool:
fly said:
Is it sad that the most play I've gotten in the last year and a half was when elpie accidently pinched my ass while reaching for his seat belt?
bast_imret said:
JJ loves it when I get all hot and sweaty after a vigorous DDR session. In fact she encourages me to play a lot. Heck, she even orders pizza for when I'm done playing. Always from the same place, but thats cool. Although, before we eat she always makes me take a long shower after the game. I hope she's tipping that pizza guy well, I never get to see him.
smileyfat said:
I don't really have any redeeming qualities except being the token Mac user, a connosieur of fine snack foods, the occasional butt of many jokes and generally just kind of slow. I'm really a good guy though. I've almost got my home networking and cable issues figured out (finally after asking at LEAST 5 fucking times, thanks) and that makes me happy, because now I can geek out in the confines of my own home, bask in the glow of my Mac, and get fat(ter)
BigDov said:
I'm not really gay, although I like everyone to think that I am. I crave the attention of other men, much like in high school when I would frequently bend over in the locker room after "dropping" my wallet out of my jeans. But I don't like to give or recieve, just admire and lust. Oh, and my wife is hot. Like really hot. I don't know why she's with me she's so hot. Sometimes I cry thinking she's cheating on me because she's so hot. But she's not because I secretly track her with little GPS devices that I designed myself.
Drool-Boy said:
I haven't been able to shit in, like, a week. It hurts so bad. I think my wife is gonna leave me because I am no longer a man.