Post the last pic that left you digicam


I Robert I

I'm bored, post the last picture you took. Go go go!

Just a pic showing the holster that came with one of my flashlights (someone needed it on another forum).

It wasnt of a big hairy guy in a Hooters uniform was it?
Recent trade embargos prohibit me from posting or making known in any public way any personal, professional or identifying information about me at all whatsoever.

:( Alas but I cannot participate in your picture thread.

That left the cam this morning.
Having an "Issues" day.

EDIT: IPASKA can suck my cack. :mad:

Dm of mD
Drool-Boy said:
Look in the nav bar up top, theres an uploader there

KEWL!! Thanks man, here is the previously mentioned photo.