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Pics Post pics of you at your heaviest, and you at your fittest.....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jimmycrackcorn, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Do you not read her posts? She's like the high school bully that never grew up. The high school everything that never grew up. Immaturity in every aspect of her life.
  2. The interwabz is serious business yo!
  3. So, first pic is literally three weeks out of basic training, I was 205 or so. This is me skinny, but I don't think it of me as "fit" as I had no real endurance.

    Second pic is roughly... 3 years after the first? maybe a little less? In that pic I was about 225 and I felt "fit" as I had endurance and strength out the ass. This was easy to do as I was in fucking Kuwait and had a 24hr gym two blocks from work and 5 blocks from the tent I slept in. There was shit to do so I would get off of a 12hr work shift (where we did virtually nothing) and go work out with a friend for 1-2hrs EVERY FUCKING DAY.

    My goal is a weight of between the two.


    Dunno why it didn't rotate it, I saved that before I uploaded it, whatevs.
  4. It's for times like this I wish I had a chest freezer in my garage.

  5. Good for you! I started doing the same lately, and it's awesome.
  6. Have you read some of your posts lately.

    You are awfully judgmental towards women. It's not a trait that is working for you.
  7. IF you picked on internet people, that would be par for the course, and likely not reflective of your personality in real life. But you dont, you pick on real life people.
  8. im awful judgemental towards everyone.
  9. None of you are real to me.
    Fall back!
  10. back on topic though.

    Me at 130ish:


    Me at 150ish:


    could still afford to gain some more.
  11. The less i weigh, the younger i look. In my defense though, i was 24 or 25 in that first picture (and look 16 :p)
  12. Domon, I feel that if you were to gain a massive amount of weight virtually all of it would end up in a huge potbelly. Not sure why
  13. o hell no. not participating except to say how much I am NOT participating.

    it doesn't matter if I post and nobody says anything bad to me, directly, about my weight. I already know how you all feel about fatties, and I fall under that category. So, yeah, ok, you might not say "august makes me want to barf." That doesn't mean I don't already know people will be thinking it, as the feelings about fatties have been made pretty clear. Hell, admitting to being a fatty without even posting picture evidence is shaming enough.
  14. Id have to gain healthily of course. And you're not wrong. Some of the weight ive put on has gone to my stomach area. Gonna have to be real careful of that as i get older.
  15. Didn't you basically already do this with the Kleevage montage?

    Stupid voice to text does not know how to spell Kleevage
  16. By you all, you mean kiki? Because noone else gives a shit. Seriously. She's a judging judgey terrible person (as previously noted). I cant see anyone else here saying a negative word no matter how you looked. Except me. But well, i know you, so id be nice.
  17. I had Haylee at 34 weeks. I had put on just under 20 pounds, so I was about 160. After I had her I lost my baby weight and 20 more pounds, so with both the boys, I topped out around 145 full term.
  18. I had assumed that this thread was going to be watched by the mods just like the weight loss thread, so any haters would be smacked down
  19. That would be excellent, and id make the same assumption. Tis the right thing. But honestly, i dont see anyone here being a dick about it. Cept maybe that new dude that hasnt gotten the fact that you dont have to be an internetdick here.
  20. I didn't post pics of me at my heaviest. The only person here who knows what I look like right now, bodysize and everything, is domon, from when we went hiking a few months back. I haven't shared pics where my body size is evident in probably years at this point.