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Pics Post pics of you at your heaviest, and you at your fittest.....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jimmycrackcorn, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Damn !!
    I had Kiko @ 7 months of pregnancy, I cringe at the thought of how huge i would have gotten had I gone full term !!!
  2. How much cocaine did you have to do to have a two month early preemie?
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    ... vacuum chamber thing sounds awesome. Ive had several opportunities to buy a foodsaver for like 10 bucks (thrift store), but never did because I couldnt see the point in buying 4 dollar bags just to put shit in my freezer without air.

    Convince me otherwise. You have my attention.

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  4. Fridays suck for me as I am either in session or in a meeting all day...yesterday off of work, don't really check in from home
  5. A number of restaurants vacuum marinade. I have seen it several times on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
  6. Well HI!
  7. marinate is a verb, marinade is a noun.
  8. Whatevs
  9. marion is the chick from Raiders, carrion is festering meat for birds
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    Vacuum bagged stuff will stay burn free in your freezer for about 18 months and raw stuff will keep for like 2 weeks in the fridge. I buy the rolls off of the internets so its like $20 for a couple hundred feet.

    I can make a giant bag and vacuum marinate a full rack of ribs, or freeze them after I rub them with spices.

    Canisters are nice because the contents keep fresh a long ass time. I keep my coffee beans in one. Coffee that's been frozen tastes different than coffee that's never been frozen. The vacuum canister does not effect taste while extending freshness.

    It's good for party tricks. I put some marshmallow peeps in a canister and vacuumed it, my kids were all smiles watching the things poof up all crazy.
  11. Smh @ you
  12. I still dont know what smh means, and im too lazy to google it.

    Also, you didnt answer the question.

  13. suck my horse

  14. oooh, i didnt know that their patent had expired and there is knockoff bags that fit it on the net now. That makes it much more appealing.

    Theres a new grocery store in town (wegmans) that all their meats are individually packed, so when you buy a bulk pack of chicken breasts (12 or so), each one comes in an individually vacuum sealed packet that you can remove, so when you want some chicken, you just tear off a packet, and dont have to thaw the whole damn family pack. Doesnt cost any extra either, its pretty awesome.
  15. Such a mad hooker?
    So maids hop?
    Some men hold?
  16. Well, foodsaver and seal-a-meal are interchangeable. Rolls are for sure the way to go, ends up like $0.30/ft.

    Meh, I can see the convenience there but I prefer to buy my meat from a butcher. I always get whole chickens and use the carcasses to make my own stock.
  17. If i had to guess, "so much hate" ?
  18. How much you pay a pound for whole chickens. I dont buy meat over 2 bucks a pound, and it better be a whole lot less than that if im paying for heavyass bones.
  19. Shaking my head
  20. A 4-5 pound bird is under $8 usually. And this is fresh never frozen locally produced pastured poultry. Tastes different than supermarket chicken, in a much more delicious way.