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Pics Post pics of you at your heaviest, and you at your fittest.....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jimmycrackcorn, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. I'm well aware of my stick figure. I'll take the stick over a FUPA anytime !
  2. most people only think of the maillard reaction (searing/browning) when it comes to red meat, but you can actually get an awesome sear on chicken too that makes it taste so so much better.

    Case in point:

    Cilantro lime chicken. Ingredients: lime juice, cilantro, garlic. Marinade, sear, awesome.


    Another one with a bit more calories, but still pretty healthy: Honey ginger chicken. Ginger and chicken go awesome together

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    I have a gluten allergy so carbs largely don't exist for me any more. I'm sure I could go more defined but my abs are stubborn bitches so I just compromise to some degree.

    My diet consists almost entirely of chicken breast, fish, vegetables, and water.
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    the best thing about chicken, @Domon is that it can be grilled, baked, cooked, boiled and pulled, crock-potted, etc... so many ways to make some delicious chicken.
  5. I have both that need to be used. Will do this tomorrow.
  6. i don't even eat THAT healthy anymore....i'm probalby 5 to 8 pounds heavier in my everyday life than i am in the last pic of that series. not much for definition in the abs anymore....but feeling better.
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    Crockpot chicken breasts with buffalo wing sauce till the chicken shreads, add a bun and some bleu cheese based coleslaw and you have a great sammich.
    Unhealthy as fuck though
  8. You should post some of your healthy living recipes in my recipe thread.
  9. If you've got actual limes, grate a ton of zest too. Before this recipe, i was like psssshh, zest. Thats just the stuff on the outside that you throw away. But it makes a huge difference, zesting lemons and limes makes for awesome flavor.
  10. oooooh yyyyyeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh

    if you want it healthy, substitue buffalo wing sauce with franks red hot, and wrap that shit up in a lettuce wrap
  11. lemon and lime zest make a HUGE difference in drinks and cooking
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  13. meh..... maybe
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Any time i marinade something with juice i always zest it. Good for others to know too. It does make a huge difference.
  15. hello gentlemen
  16. Somewhat on topic: P90x2 Plyocide don't fuck around.
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    Marination is awesome. Try using a little balsamic vinegar to spice things up. :drool:

    And if you forget to put something to marinade the day before, I have this vacuum chamber thing that came with my foodsaver... full marination in like 15 mins. Fucking win.
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