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Pics Post pics of you at your heaviest, and you at your fittest.....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jimmycrackcorn, Jan 22, 2013.

  2. I was 210 pounds when I graduated HS. Are you guys short or something? I'm 6'3" so at 210 I was pretty thin with 12% body fat. That was the closest I ever had to having defined abs. I spent a lot of time working out and running.

    My heaviest was 300 pounds, I'm about 245 now.
  3. Omg totally
  4. I don't know if I dare, I was chunky my Freshman year of college.
  5. Looking at your baby's picture again?
  6. does that even make sense?

    poor attempt at trolling.
  7. What did you expect from April? Give her a break man, she's blonde
  8. i'm about 5' 10.5".....and yeah, i was skinny as fuck coming out of high school

    as an adult, the lowest i ever got was 143 about three years ago....heaviest about 175/180.....sitting at 150 for about two years now.
  9. Whatever.

  10. Jesus fawk!!!!!!!

    *right click save*.........*licks screen*
  11. ghost is tan as fuck compared to me right now......or during most winters
  12. What are you standing on?
  13. You did this because of me, didn't you?

  14. Now youre going to have to explain why your monitor is all tongue stained to your hot IT guy.
  15. A passed out fat guy who had to run 10 feet.
  16. Heck, I've seen you completely naked.
  17. Ghost, I love that you work out and take good care of yourself! Your hard work shows. Mad respect!!!
  18. You can only prove that 3 times.
  19. I love that bathroom, it turned out well.
  20. Not even that really, you don't have to be completely naked to have sex.