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Pics Post pics of you at your heaviest, and you at your fittest.....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jimmycrackcorn, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. You seriously did not just post this.

    90% of your posts here are bashing other people's pics.
  2. I'd hit it from orbit. Word is bond.
  3. You're just mad i said your forehead resembles an aircraft carrier. And if you continue reading, i noted my own self-guilt.
  4. Uh huh...but what does the rest of my body resemble? Oh right, someone who diets and exercises aggressively.
  5. People were talking in the creepy thread about fat acceptance, too, and how fat people are disgusting. And that's fine, that's their opinion, and it's their right to have one, but I'm not going to fattydance up into a den of fattyhaters and be like LOOK AT MY FAT and expect a different response because of the pressure to remain polite to people you interact with on the internet.
  6. Takes one to know one?
  7. #187 Domon, Jan 22, 2013
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    Which you did really well at. While i know he's got back problems, which gives a lot of good reason to stop, your husband did a lot worse than you in terms of getting tired out. You did real good.

    edit: we all should do that again next time vig is in town

    edit2: i miss vig :( havent talked to him in quite some time.
  8. wat
  9. Did you not note that i commented you were built like a brick shithouse in this very thread?
  10. Powered by rage
  11. Wow you're really riding my clit today! I'm honored!
    I happen to think August is beautiful.
    Funny how you seen to forget how you pick on every ones appearance here especially women.
  12. As I am a self admitted fatty (in this very thread) it's quite okay. Granted, after having met most of the people who post here, there is a ridiculous amount of physically fit people.

    It's all good. Yes, I make fun of serious fatties, but you aren't someone who fits that category. And in reality, this thread could be helpful...

    Not telling you that you have to, or that you should. But just saying the results will not be as horrific as you think they would be.
  13. That's kinda my point, though. I don't need someone to actually outwardly call me "groce" to know that's what was being thought. I'd rather remain a mystery. Now, people can think "well, maybe she's not as fat as she's making herself out to be," or they can remember pics of me from 40+ lbs ago and pretend that's still me.

  14. You look great in the pictures you've posted, a bit more of you isn't going to change that.
  15. No, must've missed that, still be nicer.
  16. I do? Last person i remember insulting was ghost. And it was meant to be playful :/ But i see how it could not be. I do need to cut back on the e-dickery.
  17. Fact time: Yes, you're overweight. You need to fix that for health reasons. Other fact time: you carry it well, and from a beauty perspective, it doesnt make that much less attractive. The only thing i noticed was that it makes you look really really short, even though you're not.
  18. :heart: agreed
  19. Which is impressive for a garden gnome.
  20. Now I get it. You have zero understanding of how to talk to women...