Thread Post here if you have amazon prime: Prime sharing


Robotic Dexter
May 19, 2011
Ok, price of 99 bucks for prime just hit my email. That sucks.

Lets pool our primes and use the sharing with "family" to cut some costs. Mine renews at that price on 22 feb 2015, so i have tons of time, but might as well get a year to prep.

Only catch with sharing, is only the primary acct holder gets to watch movies and stuff
mine renews in October

which is stupid of me because being out here makes prime worthless and I don't watch the shows/movies
What about cloud content, does everyone have to share that? Is it only accessibile to the primary? I've bought a lot of movies and music through them. What about subscribe and save? I don't really think $100 a year is unreasonable, at least not the way I use them.
i dont know what cloud content is. all i use is the shipping.

subscribe and save is available to all.

I was unaware of this. so we all just link our amazon accounts to a single prime account? why would amazon allow that?