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Apr 26, 2016
Anyone’s dog ever had a seizure? Not the full convulsion kind, just a focal one? Our puppy was sitting by my daughter last night then started drooling and went unresponsive and her breathing got really shallow. Within 10 min started to come back but was really wobbly on her feet. Went to the pet er but 2 1/2 hours later she’s completely back to normal and we were still waiting (it was almost midnight) and decided to go home. They did take vitals when we got there and she was all normal. I’m gonna check up with regular vet to see what they think. She’s been totally fine today aside from lack of appetite which isn’t completely abnormal. She’ll go a day or two here or there where she barely eats. If it lasts too long I’ll put chicken broth on it and she gobbles it up and returns to normal.
My sister’s dog started having seizures and after trying a few Rxs from the vet, she tried a few different CBD products and dosages. I think it’s been months since his last seizure.

Good luck with your doggy.

Are doggy seizures a thing that’s been happening forever or are they happening more? What’s bringing this on? The suspicious side of me thinks someone has been playing the long game, slowly poisoning living things, and humans are next.
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