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Yet ANOTHER ! Beautiful Bearded Rashner
Apr 16, 2016
This motherfucker, Joe Biden
You dementia-ridden, geriatric, evil puppet, piece of dog-shit, old lying son of a bitch
Do y'all really think he's the answer?
They got to pump him full of drugs so he can speak on the camera

Pelosi, that evil Golden Girl with her cronies
Ilhan Omar and A.O.C., all of you can blow me
And Kamala Harris too, I'll run a train on the whole fucking crew
No Scott Wiener, not including you

Bernie sold out, he supported Joe and Hillary-
After they stole the primary from him, you must be kidding me?
Bernie, I used to fuck with you, where's your fucking integrity?
Can't go from standing for something to standing with the enemy

Mike Pence, who's obsessed with his wife
So I consensually had sex with her twice the other night
Told me she ain't had the dick in weeks
So I fucked her on your pile of Bibles, Mike
She really is a religious freak

Mitch McConnell, you are the literal definition of not having a face for television
Please, wear a mask, keep that fucking shit hidden
You look like a guy who shouldn't be in the presence of children

then there's Donald Trump, this motherfucker been on one
A chance to say the right thing, he goes and says the wrong one
When there's a chance to unite us, he instead
Divides us even more with the stupid shit that he says
And I can't stand for it
His environmental policy makes George-fucking-W look like he's Captain Planet
Rolling regulations back, setting back clean air and water
All to put big business on a better track
While the animals suffer, so do we
The rich save a little money while they poison you and me
I can't tell if you're serious but I'd like to find out over some beers.
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Blame It On The Gassa Nova
Sep 29, 2012
ooh ooh it's a screenshot of a video. Are we gonna get the video?

Of course not, because there's no fuckin' video.