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Halp Politics, Politics, Politics... (Not THE abortion thread, but an abortion of a thread nonetheless)

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Duke, Feb 3, 2015.

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  1. Oh, that's right. It was Dan Rather that did the thing with the "this one's not true, but the spirit of the thing".

    My bad.
    So you're just gonna stick your head in the sand and say "lalalalala".
  2. Wind and solar are EXPLODING right now. Wind is generating so much power that the utilities are begging factories to use it and/or paying these private companies to stop the turbines.

    source: I'm reading an interesting book about the grid right now.
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  3. Seriously, please explain how you know more about this than a climate scientist.
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  4. I'm just glad power sources are getting more diversified. this is better for everyone in the long run.
  5. They actually aren't. Renewables are making the grid more fragile than ever. In theory, we'll eventually fix it, but the entire grid is a patchwork of bandaids that started during the New Deal.
  6. that's not what i'm hearing on the wind front. it's expensive to build a wind farm because you gotta build a coal plant next to it to make up for those times when its not windy and the areas these things get put in often have poor transmission lines to urban areas that actually need the power. it's being heavily subsidized right now, but when that ends the market will drop off heavily.

    conglomerate i work for is a huge manufacturer of wind turbines, i used to sit next to a group of wind engineers and heard this stuff day in and day out. i actually worked on a new nacelle facility a few years back, that place lives and dies by the subsidies though. the other problem is nobody wants those wind turbines in their back yard.

    solar is the best bet for most places, just need to perfect those batteries which took a huuuuge leap forward the past few years with that tesla thing.
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  7. i'm not trying to be a negative nancy, i just don't think wind has much hope. :p

    individual homes/businesses creating their own renewable energy is where its at, not some giant tower out in BFE.
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  8. aren't diversified or aren't better in the long run?
  9. It is the burping cows, not the farting, that is the methane thing
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  10. No I don't, and I think he should stop.
    Fortunately, the PRESIDENT will be out on his ass in just 9 days and then PRESIDENT ELECT Trump will be sworn in.
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  11. The meat and dairy industries are funding bs research to save their earth-killing industries as well. They threaten and bribe until the parts about the meat industry's huge contributions to global warming are hidden/minimized/deleted in the easily accessible reports.
  12. Have you never read his posts or somesuch?
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  13. If we went to a world-wide power grid, we could get rid of all non-renewables.

    But that'll never happen.
  14. how would that work? you'd amplify the power transmission issues wind currently has like 1000 fold.
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  16. He said world wide grid, not world wide wind grid.
  17. I broke wind.
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  18. i'm not sure you understand the issue...
  19. You're worried about transmission issues. You just have to pour the electricity into a box, keep it cold enough that it doesn't leak out, then mail it where needed.
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  20. it takes a serious amount of delusion to think that obama has said anything near as bad as what trump says on a daily basis. to the point that if anyone actually believes that then they are a fundamentally bad judge of character
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