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Halp Politics, Politics, Politics... (Not THE abortion thread, but an abortion of a thread nonetheless)

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Duke, Feb 3, 2015.

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  2. #grandmotherknowsbest

  3. #scienceknowsbest

    The right, the people who pushed an Ebola scare that affected 4 people, but ignore a real measles outbreak, a disease that was pretty much eliminated from the world not too long ago, that is infecting hundreds.
  4. Obama did the same thing when running for President in 2008.
  5. Then he's an idiot too. The science is real. Listening to the now-debunked paid-for bullshit from a MD who lost his credentials over the lie and a former playboy bunny over actual real world science immediately identifies the dumbest mother fuckers on the face of the earth.
  6. I'm not debating the science at all. Just pointing out at one time in an attempt to get votes he questioned the science as well. whether an R or D after the name at that level of politics these whores will say and do anything for a vote. Personally I think it's pretty stupid that you can't send your 3rd grader to school with a PB&J sandwich for lunch because little Joey in 1st grade is allergic to peanut butter but you can send your kid to school without a measles vaccination.
  7. The president did the dumbest thing he could have done by making the vaccine statement. All it did was give the republicans ammunition to say "OBAMA CAN'T TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!" and start convincing dumb fuck rednecks to follow the lead of the dumb fuck hippies

    Unless you're gay, a minority, don't believe in the "right" god, have Ebola, need an abortion, are a woman, get raped, are poor, need heath insurance.....
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  9. It shouldn't be mandatory.

    It SHOULD be highly encouraged, but not mandatory.

    ib oh great it's the anti-vaxxer making another stupid argument.
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  10. can't wait until stupidity makes you unable to travel internationally

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  11. You're allowed to have freedoms, until those freedoms interfere with the freedoms of others. The freedom to choose vaccination or not, impinges on the freedom to live for those who are unable to get vaccinated for whatever reason.

    Just like you have freedom of speech, doesn't mean you have freedom from consequence.
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  12. You're acting like being healthy is a right. It's not. It's a privilege.

    With that argument, let's ban smoking because second hand smoke is a heath hazard to everyone regardless of whether they smoke or not. Let's deprive them of their right to freedom of choice. Let's ban driving any kind of vehicle that creates cancer causing emissions from the burning of coal or oil, including all electric vehicles that are plugged in to outlets in homes that are not equipped with sufficient solar panels to create the clean energy needed to provide the battery (which contains toxic chemicals as well by the way) a full charge. You see how stupid this sounds?

    We all have a right to choose what's best for us. We don't have the right to choose what's best for us by infringing on others right to choose.

    It's about personal responsibility. I am responsible for me and my family. I am NOT responsible for you and yours. While that sounds a bit selfish, and it really is, I can't live my life worrying about everyone elses. Everyone gets sick. Everyone has a deficiency somewhere. If you're worried about it, get vaccinated. If you can't, then maybe you're not the strongest gene in the pool. I'm not stopping you from doing that, nor do I have the right to stop you. But just like I don't have the right to stop you. you don't have the right to force me. It's a two way street.
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  13. Then the minute someone infects another with their disease/virus because they were not vaccinated, give them (or their parents if under 18) jail time or death if they directly kill someone.

    Not sure if all viruses/diseases work the same, but I remember reading how AIDS/HIV is traceable based on its own genetic code so there is a way to know who gave it to you.

    I know there are complexities with this route, but the dream is nice. IB someone starts arguing with me because they didn't read this far.
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  14. up here in freedomland, we ban smoking in most public places specifically for those reasons dude. Also ban smoking in cars with minors.

    we support the right to smoke, but not to impose the health risks of your choices upon others.

    in relation to vaccines, I fully support the right to not get vaccinated, so long as those people accept that they give up the right to be in public where their poor choice can spread those health risks around.
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  15. Actually, it's not. Your one selfish act can actually put an entire community at risk. Just look at the measles outbreak as proof of that. The needs of the one do not outweigh the needs of the many, no matter how many times you repeat to yourself 'don't tread on me'.

    If you want to do shit that only affects you. Have at it. There are tons of redneck jokes out there to validate that behaviour. But when shit you do starts to affect other people who otherwise wouldn't be facing illness, injury or death because of your selfish acts, then yes, you need to be told what to do because apparently you aren't one to play well with others (not pointedly specifically at you, but in general).

    The world is too full for the great individual need anymore. You want to avoid vaccination, go live in the Unabombers hut in the middle of no where Montana.
  16. taking your 'I gotta be free' mode to the extreme, if you want to spray yourself with death spray, do you have any responsibility to make sure that spray doesn't get on anyone else? Or, does that infringe on your 'I gotta be free' mode?

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  17. The point I'm making here is that you want to force people to get the vaccine. That's like saying we're going to force you to stop smoking altogether. Or you have to stop consuming alcohol in public because you might get behind the wheel and hit someone.
  18. if you wanna be that free then get the fuck out. that's how i see it
  19. There are people in this world who cannot get vaccinated. A good amount of people.
    Your argument is has no real holes in it (some assumptions that are pretty stupid to me, but no holes) until you get there.
  20. so then logically, would you be okay with not being forced to get vaccinated, but quarantining all non vaccinated (by choice) people? or should contracting preventable diseases be punishable by law?
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