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Ontopic Political Poo Flinging

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. :p:lol:well at least some good came from this bs lol
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  2. totes agree
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  3. actually if i had a choice id move to himachal
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  5. Are you the "right" caste? I mean, you are a bass player.
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  6. I look Greek enough actually it’s an advantage :p
  7. So... apparently being

    1) a legal resident

    2) A naturalized citizen is no longer safe

    Dude, who has been a legal green card holder for almost 50 years, committed a misdemeanor 18 years ago, was sentenced to community service, fulfilled his commitment, and has had no trouble since (or before). ICE assaulted him on his lawn and is deporting him and revoking his legal residency.

    At what point in this complete bullshit do the rest of us who arent brown have to step up and do something about this. That point has probably already passed.
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  8. I dlike to think that time has passed also but I’ll be GDed, there are a lot of people buying into that thinking. There is so much underlying racism and ethnocentrism in so much of everything anymore, I’m beginning to think we’re headed for some extra fucking gloomy shit in years to come.

    Thanks Vladimir. You motherfucker.
  9. Read the thread, shit is fucked.

  10. If you sneak your kids into Disneyland and get caught do you think Disneyland should say oh screw it and let the kids stay?
  11. In today's news, our resident incel has compared citizenship to a visit to disneyland. Stay tuned.
  12. I hate it when that Fucker Mickey takes my kids and locks them in the magic castle.
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  13. I would say visiitng America is more like visiting a circus these days
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  14. He's fucking senile.

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  15. Do you purposely try to be an idiot?

    People don’t go to Disneyland fleeing dangerous areas or in attempt to make their lives better.

    I really feel it would be best to divide the country the rest of the way (thanks Vlad), with a border, and one side can be full of fucking assholes who don’t care about their fellow HUMAN BEING.

    What side you wanna be on, Wickle?
  16. Um where are the girls? Different facility? I feel nauseous
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  17. I knew that fucking giant rat was a pedophile.
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