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Ontopic Political Poo Flinging

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Look who just joined the

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  2. :lol: Because laughing at snowflakes makes you one.

    got it. ;)
  3. I think that condoms are wise for the gay males as well.
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  4. indifference is best why give all these insignificant assholes so much importance
    who the fuck are they to me and what effect do they have on my life, nothing and more nothing
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  5. Take, for example, the Lion. You can be as indifferent as fuck around him and he's still gonna eat you, violently and not without a great deal of pain, if he's of a mind to.

    Predators need to be treated with caution.
  6. lions really?
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  7. you gotta do better baba
  8. Indifference is different than stupidity. That's a ******* lion you're talking about here.
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  9. Constantly calling everything you don't like "emotional" is a great way to broadcast that you have no grasp of your own emotions and hence no idea how much they influence your own opinions.

    Some may be shocked(!) to learn that emotions are a large, normal part of the human experience.
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  13. So glad the Trump's are not intelligent. Makes for an easier case if they admit shit.
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    Trump's Trumps' Trumps, learn the difference, wench.
  15. This is fucking hilarious. Does this moron really not know that there is a thing called "Father's Day"?

    He really is this stupid, isn't he... Jesus fuck.

  16. Please show on the doll where teh ebil (((libruhl))) touched you.

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  17. I have (or had, it's been a few decades) a t-shirt that says "I'm in a band (show me your hooters)" on the back, and "Jesus hates me" on the front.
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  18. Wear that these days, and conservatard snowflakes would be crying for their smelling salts and fainting couches.

    "War on Christmas!!! Teh outrage!!11eleventy!1!"

    Tell me again, who are the real snowflakes? :elfpenis: