Baby Pls explain

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Aug 21, 2009
inside your head
Why never neg rep? What's the point in having it if it's never to be used?

Whatever your thoughts on me, you have to admit there's little point in having a neg rep button if you're never gonna use it. Pls explain. Can't you guys take criticism? I mean, Knee-moe has named me "Crybaby" twice now for no reason and I don't care :)
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this is how it goes:
we have all these things or used to... the TAGS for example or the little green light thing that gives you rep points

but then one stupid mother fucker ( you know who you are ) start crying and complaining the Mods runnnnnn and disconnect the fun.

like when we can rate threads up or down
well speaking of fucking CRYBABIES, Knee-Moe cried like a redheaded step child that all her threads where getting voted down, so what does she do? she cries to the mods and now the system is altered.

thats just how they roll here

Why does Liam post under your account? :squint:
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who the hells swayed by who likes what on the internet?

enjoy your clickthru, groupthink bullshit
you're right, perhaps i should allow the embedded "Facebook Connect" script to run everytime i visit useless forums and share my information with other cool things i should be interested in.

so contrarian.
By never repping you I AM giving you negative rep.

no you're not.

PS. I don't really put much thought into the reps either, like the black eyed peas one I gave somebody, I'd completely forgotten about that, but the recipient took offence to such a throwaway remark. Really weird.

anyhoo this place is too much mutual backslapping at times, the neg rep must be used on occasion! (especially for Knee-moe ;) )
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