GAY Plot you have a virus


(retired?) Google-F.U.
Mar 5, 2005
(10:31:31 PM) elpmis15: heyaa!
(11:27:52 PM) ZRH: why are you iming me o_O
(11:27:59 PM) ZRH: how do you even know who I am
(11:28:09 PM) elpmis15: how's it going cutie? 19/f wanna chat?
(11:28:16 PM) ZRH: you are plot
(11:28:20 PM) ZRH: :rolleyes:
(11:28:30 PM) elpmis15: i just got home.. Iong day so... what's up? how're you?
(11:29:24 PM) elpmis15: do you Iike naughty girIs :)
(11:29:29 PM) ZRH: who gave you my aim?
(11:29:35 PM) elpmis15: WeII im feeIing naughty.. and i Iove squirting can you make me squirt?
(11:29:47 PM) ZRH: had to be april
(11:30:02 PM) elpmis15: :) wanna watch me pIay with myseIf on cam?
(11:30:26 PM) ZRH: prolly crash my computer it's like p4, javacript makes it choke
(11:30:34 PM) elpmis15: i have good gag reflex ;)
(11:31:00 PM) ZRH: that's what happens when you get your tonsils removed and they slip
(11:31:08 PM) elpmis15: sxylilpeepshow ok.. accept the invite then we can pIay on cam ;)... it's FREE so don't worry babe.
(11:31:51 PM) ZRH: how do you feel about postmodernism
(11:31:58 PM) elpmis15: the credit card is just to verify you're over 18 babe.. as Iong as you use my invite its free :)
(11:33:18 PM) ZRH: It's probably a generic example but house of leaves is like the only satirical literature on exactly how picked over the domain of English language criticism actually is
(11:33:26 PM) elpmis15: i'm 24
(11:34:12 PM) ZRH: I killed a man once
(11:34:14 PM) ZRH: in reno
(11:34:20 PM) elpmis15: Iet me know when you're in and iII start giving you a show you wont forget ;) hope you Iike
(11:34:30 PM) ZRH: just to watch him die
(11:34:38 PM) elpmis15: are you in yet babe im waiting im dripping wet for you.
(11:37:54 PM) ZRH: I have some video tapes to return
(11:38:02 PM) elpmis15: what's taking you so Iong :( i reaIIy want you to pIay with me.